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Sensor And Micro Circuit Packages

Micro Circuit Packages

Our variety of sensor and micro circuit packages:
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All headers are available in your choice of Kovar or Cold Rolled Steel. Many are available with optional weld projections.


Available finishes include various types of Gold Plating, Electroless or Electrolytic Nickels, as well as Tin and Electrosolder. Compliance with MIL-STD-202 Method 208 solderabiltiy upon request.

PIN Configurations:

Drawings depict densest pin configurations. All less dense layouts are, of course, available as well as many specials. Most can be supplied with larger diameter leads when needed. Grounded pins, of both the through and butt welded varieties are supplied upon request.

Pressure Port Tubes:

Pressure port tubes in various diameters, configurations, and lengths can be supplied on any header.

Ordering Information:

See Contact Page.

Custom Designs:

T&E Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of custom sensor and micro circuit packages. Our engineers are always ready to assist you in designing the most efficient and economical sensor and micro circuit packages to fit your requirements.
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Sensor and Micro Circuit Packages